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Move the Money to Human Needs

The purpose of Move the Money to Human Needs! campaign is to mobilize a nationwide grassroots movement to reallocate funds away from the military budget and to basic human needs of the population.

Fund Drive in Support of the Victims of Earthquake

The U.S. Peace Council in collaboration with the Wold Peace Council have started a fund drive for purchasing and shipment of emergency medical supplies and equipment and and  help the victims of recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

Close All Foreign Military Bases

U.S. foreign military bases are NOT in defense of U.S. national, or international security. They are the military expression of U.S. intrusion in the lives of sovereign countries and people. We demand the closure of all US foreign military bases.

People's Mobe

Hands Off Syria Coalition

The goal of Hands Off Syria Coalition to stand up to the intense war and propaganda justifying U.S. / NATO intervention in Syria by creating the broadest possible coalition of peace forces and activists, from all perspectives, to end to the ongoing war against Syria.

People's Mobilization — Yes to Peace!

People's Mobilization was formed to fight against decades of U.S. government and its European allies have been illegally using unilateral economic sanctions (“Unilateral Coercive Measures”) as a weapon of war and mass destruction to topple governments.

Colombia Freedom Collective

More than 300 people accused of participating in the 2021 protests still remain locked up and/or are facing harsh sentences on trumped-up charges In Cplombia. Colombia Freedom Collective is formed to mobilize support in defense of the arrested activists.



Join the U.S. Peace Council

Become an active member of the U.S. Peace Council.

Volunteer to Help USPCPEF

Help us organize and raise funds in support of the peace movement.

Become A USPCPEF Sustainer

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The USPC Peace Education Fund

USPC Peace Education Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit educational fund affiliated with the U.S. Peace Council, a member organization of the World Peace Council. Our mission is to help educate the public concerning the necessity of preserving and protecting peace. Our activities are focused on sponsoring, organizing, and participating in conferences, seminars, meetings, public forums and other educational events where community and peace leaders, governmental and organizational representatives, and other concerned members of the public meet to discuss ideas, suggest solutions and implement strategies to protect peace. Your donations to USPC Peace Education Fund are tax-deductible.

The guiding principles of the U.S. Peace Council are: (1) Prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction and ending of the arms drive; (2) abolition of foreign military bases; (3) total and universal disarmament under effective international control; (4) Elimination of all forms of colonialism, neocolonialism, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination; (5) Respect for the right of the peoples to sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace; (6) Respect for the territorial integrity of states; (7) Non‑interference in the internal affairs of nations; (8) Establishment of mutually beneficial trade and cultural relations between nations based on friendship and mutual respect; (9) Peaceful coexistence between states with different political systems; and (10) Negotiations instead of use of force in the settlement of differences between nations.